Professional Membership

The Forest Stewards Guild welcomes professionals in all forest-related disciplines. Guild Professional Members are consulting foresters, public and private forest managers, wildlife biologists, botanists, forest administrators, land protection specialists, policy makers, loggers, scientists, and educators, throughout the United States and Canada. Our members all share a commitment to the highest ethical standard of forest stewardship and conservation. Professional Members are eligible to vote for Guild leadership and on policy statements, and are able to serve on committees. Professional Members also receive Guild print and digital publications.

Professional Member candidates are evaluated based on education, professional experience, and commitment to the Guild's mission and principles. Memberships are based on a 7/1 through 6/30 fiscal year. To apply, please:

  • choose "Professional Membership" on the new member form,
  • answer the application questions, and
  • submit your $85 membership dues.

We will send acknowledgement of receipt right away, review your application and get back to you shortly. 

he Forest Stewards Guild Mission and Principles are a statement of ethics and values to which all Professional Members are expected to adhere. Membership in the Guild entails an obligation to a high standard of professional and ethical conduct.   

I have read and understand the Forest Stewards Guild Mission and Principles and I agree to uphold them in professional practice.

Please describe your post-secondary (post-high school) education.

Please list either a current Guild member or another colleague who can serve as a professional reference.